Darylle Levenbach

Darylle Levenbach was born in Simonstown in South Africa, lived in Muizenberg till age 9 and later in Stellenbosch, and went out sometimes on the fishing boats from Kalk Bay with her father and brother.

She has a B.A. in Psychology from Stellenbosch University, another B.A. in Social Work from the University of South Africa and a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Bar Ilan University.   She is an accredited Family Therapist and an accredited Supervisor of Family Therapy.   Darylle works and teaches at the Barcai Institute for Family Therapy in Tel Aviv, and also has a private practice in her home town, Raanana.   Part of her work is with bereaved families and veterans who come to therapy from the Ministry of Defense.

She is the co-author with Bernice Lewak Kohn of an article on Immigration "Going Home or Going to Pieces" and the author of an article on communication between parents and teenage children, "That is the Question".   She has presented papers at international conferences in Jerusalem, Rome and Switzerland.
Says Darylle: “I am awed by the beauty of nature and lucky enough to do work that I truly love.  Working with people in their families, with their inner worlds, with pain and fear, strength, love and humor...is always inspiring and moving.  


Dr. Valerie Velkes

Dr. Valerie Velkes

by Bernice Lewak Zohn, Darylle Levenbach

Born in South Africa where she studied medicine specializing more ...
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