Esther Roiter

Esther Roiter was born on the lower east side of Manhattan, US and lived in a tenement building. She was schooled at Beth Jacob.  When the family moved to Borough Park, she attended Shulamith School  whose principal was Dr. Judith Lieberman, “a wonderful, brilliant woman, and whose husband was the noted Jewish historian, Dr,Shaul Lieberman”. 

Esther has three masters degrees: in Jewish History (from The Jewish Theological Seminary in Manhattan - and she wrote her thesis at Harvard on "Jewish Funeral Art In The Hellenic Era"); Occupational Therapy (New York University); and Special Education (Brooklyn College). 

Esther has worked in two very different areas: as a personal stylist and she teaches CEOs Business English related to their field of expertise at various corporate venues. She also teaches them how to dress appropriately, how to behave according to the customs of the country they are going to do business with.

She came to Israel in 2003 with her two sons.

We Were Parents Unto our Parents

We Were Parents Unto our Parents

by Esther Roiter

Esther Roiter tells the moving story of Holocaust survivors more ...
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