Janine Levy

Janine Levy was born and schooled in Leeds, UK. She studied to be a Home Economics teacher in Manchester and taught Home  Economics in High schools. She and her husband Arran lived in Manchester for 15 years before they came to live in Israel from the UK in 2007. 

Since moving to Israel Janine has set up her own business running cooking classes for both adults and children. She teaches small groups and also has private clients to whom she teaches new recipes with an emphasis on healthy eating.

She lives in Raanana with her husband and four daughters.

Says Janine: “I learnt to cook from my late mother who was a wonderful baker. She died, very sadly, when I was young - but I still use many of her recipes to this day.”


Coconut Macaroons? They’re for Losers!

Coconut Macaroons? They’re for Losers!

by Janine Levy

Janine Levy's Pesach recipe offerings range from Seder more ...
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