Linda Silverstone

Linda Silverstone trained in England to be a fitness teacher and taught classes for 12 years in a little studio in her basement. At one time she had 40 women coming through her house in a week, with 12 different nationalities! “I suppose you could call me the poor mans Jane Fonda at that time” says Linda. 

In 1983 Linda came to Israel from Manchester, UK 30. For many years she wrote articles for ESRAmagazine, “being sent me on assignments by editor Merle Guttmann, one of the best being my interview with an ex Mr Universe!”, says Linda. 

Linda had three children. When her eldest daughter, Maxine in the UK, who was married and had a little boy, was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1994, Linda returned to England. After Maxine died in 1996. Linda remained in England helping with her grandson and her elderly parents. Linda returned to Israel in 2005 “the country that I had given my heart to”. 

An amateur actor, in 2013 she played in Calendar Girls – it was the first time in 22 years since she had acted with the Sharon Players and TACT. She hopes that other parts may come her way, having had a taste of being on the stage once again! 

She also loves to paint and write. For the past few years she has been trying to finish a book, and this is the year that “I will do it”, she says. She acts as a counsellor with the ESRA Bereavement and Loss Counselling group, as well as being a very hands on grandmother. She attends the Avshalom Institute and loves the full day trips exploring the country side, climbing mountains and wadis and admiring the beauty around us.




by Linda Silverstone

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Ee bah gum . . . here is how we got this show on the road

Ee bah gum . . . here is how we got this show on the road

by Linda Silverstone

Linda Silverstone gives a lively account of the trials more ...
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