Maurice Collins

Maurice Collins, OBE, was born in London, went to live in Israel in 1956 and lived on Kibbutz Zikim for two years. He then worked at his trade as a compositor in the print and worked at The Jerusalem Post. He returned to the United Kingdom and ran his own printing business and other various companies. He retired in 1998. Since then he returns to Israel for many months a year and lives in Eilat. He has been collecting for over 30 years, and has collections in ephemera, home front posters from the Second World War as well as the unique 'Weird Gadget Collection'. In July 2011 Collins won 'Britain’s Best Collector' from BID TV, a British television company for his 1600 items collection.

Maurice Collins, consummate collector, winner of 2011 award as `Britain’s Best Collector’ describes the weird and wonderful gadgets that he has collected from inventors of bygone days.

Category: Leisure
Issue No. 161

Who will continue to help your handicapped children when you can no longer do so? Faced with this problem the Collins' started a self-help group of families with disabled children. The group grew into a charity called "Kith and Kids". An additional factor was added – an "advocate", an experienced person who would continue the work when the parents were no longer around. This concept is known as Reserve Power and "is the best thing we could have ever done for our children".

What happens to our disabled child when we’ve gone?
Category: Health
Issue No. 176
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