Michal Karni

Originally from Northern California, USA, Michal Karni writes short fiction and blogs. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA Modern Middle Eastern History (From Arabic to Marxism to Zionism).
She first traveled and lived in the Middle East in 1983 going to Syria, Israel and Jordan and three months in Cairo, Egypt.

In 1986 Michal came to live in Israel, and has lived for the past 16 years in Hadera and Pardes Hannah.

She converted to Judaism at age 27 and has been an Orthodox Jew ever since. She is married to an Israeli, and has five children and two grandsons and a granddaughter.

Her website is http://michalkarni.blogspot.co.il and other main places on the web are:
Lights Along the Way  http://bsdkarni.blogspot.com/ Writing Practice from Jewish Sources
The Flashlight Just me thinking and poking the light into the corners
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‘Because’ is not the answer

‘Because’ is not the answer

by Michal Karni

“It’s never enough to say it is simply so. You more ...
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