Mickey Schneider

Michael (Mickey) Schneider was born in Givatayim, Israel in 1968. He left Israel at the age of 13 with his parents and sister and they went to live in the USA and UK. He graduated with a B.A. Degree in Business Administration (J.F.S. & Richmond College - The American International University in London). 

Since his return to Israel at the age of 25, Mickey has worked for ESRA MAGAZINE as the Administrator and also as Webmaster for the online edition, afterwards for Objet Geometries as a Webmaster and now for Lumenis as a Web Manager. 

Mickey is married to Naomi and they have two daughters - Lihi aged 6 and Noya aged 1. 

Mickey dreams about developing after-work activities such as skiing, swimming, and reading ... but kids take precedence. 

Mickey still thinks the ESRA MAGAZINE job was the best one he has had yet...  

BARBARA EDEN  1951-2009

BARBARA EDEN 1951-2009

by Mickey Schneider

Barbara Eden 1951-2009 Barbara is sorely missed by more ...
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