Ralph Alon

Ralph Alon was born in 1948 and raised in Leicester, UK. His mothers name was Margaret Berg, his father William Oakfield (originally Verne Oppenheim but changed during the war because of his unit).

He married in Leicester in 1974 to a local Jewish girl – Linda Cheyette – and they came to live in Israel in 1975. He did his Hebrew ulpan in Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek and afterwards lived three years on Kibbutz Mishmar David. In 1979 Ralph and Linda moved to Moshav Mei Ami where they have lived ever since.

In England Ralph worked and qualified in Insurance. In Israel he worked for many years in agriculture and later in the office bookkeeping and after that worked with kibbutzim in management accounting. He is now semi-retired.

Ralph is a volunteer counselor in ESRA’s counseling and bereavement program. He enjoys going to the gym, cycling and windsurfing.

German Memorial to my Grandparents

German Memorial to my Grandparents

by Ralph Alon

The poignant story of the memorial stones laid in memory more ...
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