Tracey Shipley

Tracey Shipley was born in Cleveland Ohio and lived there until she was 15 when she moved with her family to Orlando Florida. She has a degree is in Art Therapy from Empire State College. She is a Human Resources Coordinator.

In 1984 she came to settle in Israel. She has lived in Jerusalem and the Negev working as a project initiator, project marketer and Creative Therapist. Throughout her career she has coordinated the US Campuses for USD in the NW, created the department for the Negev town of Dimona’s City Hall promoting Aliyah for English speakers, was the membership coordinator for the Beer Sheva chapter of AACI, coordinated the Jerusalem Opera Workshop for Children and Youth, coordinated the Jerusalem Art’s Department’s Arab Jewish Youth Orchestra, founded and coordinated the Orlando Chapter of Seeds of Peace, developed the Israeli Fundraising and Marketing department of the Ethiopian National Project, works as Creative Therapist and project coordinator for the Jerusalem Methadone Clinic, marketer for the Ethiopian Israeli Theater in the Jerusalem Confederation House and is the project coordinator and initiator for Malkat Shva’s Ethiopian Israeli Youth Outreach Center For the Arts in Jerusalem.



by Tracey Shipley

The Ethiopian National Project was launched in 2004 more ...
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