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On the hot, hot morning of June 26, Beit Yona kindly opened their hall with its lovely sea breeze, for Cecelia Kriss’ annual Coffee Morning in aid of the blind. Despite the heat, there was a capacity turnout of 70 people to hear our speakers.

Adele Hunter, Esra Vice Chairperson, gave a heart-rending but awe-inspiring talk of the work of the Welfare Committee in the community and reminded us of the need to renew our Esra annual membership to enable this wonderful project to continue and grow.

Cecelia Kriss, founder of the long time Aid to the Blind Project in Netanya, read us a wonderful poem she had written in homage to the blind. By popular request it is printed below.

The keynote speaker was Carl Hoffman, an anthropologist and journalist and an active member of Esra Magazine Editorial Board. He kept the audience entertained with his adventurous years spent with the elusive Punam tribe deep in the rain forests of Borneo, and with the Hanuno’o of Mindoro in the Philippines, only to remind us in the end that people are people everywhere with the same problems and aches, albeit in different places!

We were unanimous in agreeing that this was the most successful coffee morning we have held and would like to thank Carl for making it so. As we could only give him 45 minutes to talk, many people have asked for a continuation in the near future - worth thinking about!


Homage To The Blind  

By Cecelia Kriss

They are just the same as you and me

But they can’t see.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like

Not to know the difference between darkness and light?

Not to see a loved one’s smile

Not to linger, just a while

To see the sunset, or the moon rise.

But what they have lost in sight

They have surely gained in might

Because these are brave and mighty people

Who work whenever they are able.

Who go through life with optimism and laughter

Who never moan about their disaster.

Because they have overcome.

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