Above and below... customers at the Book Bus

Story by Cynthia Barmor    Photos: Bonnie Bachenheimer

ESRA Modiin’s Book Bus arrived at the beginning of September in Ramat Beit Shemesh, at the invitation of Edie and Mort Barr. The event was hosted by the Maor Seniors and took place in Kehillat Menorat HaMaor, an expansive hall that was absolutely perfect for displaying more than 60 veggie boxes of books.

We had schlepped selections from the full range of books we sell in ESRABOOKS, our secondhand English and Hebrew bookshop in Modiin - novels, non-fiction, kids, youth, reference, cooking, travel, sci-fi, classics, you name it, we had it.

Organizing the logistics was a huge task. We made lots of guesses in choosing which books might be appealing. All that apparently went down well with the ongoing flow of book lovers who kept coming for an hour and a half.

What made the evening extra special were the smiling faces of the customers filled with excitement and eagerness who browsed through the large selection of books displayed. Many expressed their gratitude that we had made the effort to come and sell books – all in excellent condition and at affordable prices. Over and above the books, we sold ESRA bags, handed out ESRAmagazines and informational material, and made new friends of ESRA.

Income from the evening surpassed our wildest dreams (NIS4000), bringing huge smiles to the faces of our fantastic bookshop committee team, which included Rene Gold, Ilana Harf, Bonnie Bachenheimer, Lissa Goldman, Judy Goldstein and Chana Tannenbaum. Kudos also to Anita Bashary and Robin Gilad who lent a helping hand in loading the boxes into our cars; and in abstentia, Rachel Max and Hilda Ben Nun. Without their combined efforts, enthusiasm and hard work, the evening would not have been the splendid success it was.

Special thanks go to ESRA members Edie and Mort Barr who put it all together in Ramat Beit Shemesh and arranged coffee and nosh to accompany the browsing. And to our new friends in Ramat Beit Shemesh, many of whom had no idea what ESRA was about – but do now. We will be back! Thank you everyone for your great support.

Anyone wishing to host ESRA Modiin’s Book Bus may contact our coordinator, Lissa Goldman, at lissabirth@gmail.com.

Cynthia Barmor is Chair of ESRA Modiin

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