The Government and public offices are unable to cope with the many pressures and needs of the disadvantaged sectors of our society and here is where organizations like Esra step in and take care of countless individual and personal problems. Esra magazine fulfills an important niche; besides bringing informative and interesting articles to its readers, it also puts the needy and troubled in touch with people who care and who can help. Just last month my article about the losses and pain of an ex-Tsadal family with a plea for donations of a computer for their little daughter brought immediate feedback – and a computer. The main donation of components came from Gish Robbins and her daughter Corinna and we were able to round that off with a screen. Many more such generous actions take place all the time, so please, dear members and readers continue with your interest, generosity and warmth. I also had the joy of meeting a wonderful character with a tale or two to tell when I met with Gish the day I picked up the computer.

Thank you both – Gish and Corinna. Here is a smile of joy and a thank you from Rita too!

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