Going to hospital wasn’t such a pain after all

With a pain in my chest, slight pressure in my back, and unable to contact my doctor by phone, I rang Maccabi and asked to speak with a nurse.

After answering her questions she decided to call an ambulance to take me to hospital, but she did advise me that the cost would be covered by Maccabi as she had recommended it.

After tests, and despite the pain which had stopped, I was released and asked to supply them with Form 17 (tofes 17) within 14 days to cover the costs of being hospitalized and the tests.

Next day I called the health fund and to my surprise was told that they would deal with the hospital directly as the treatment request had been made by one of their nurses.

So thank you, Maccabi.


Close en-counter with bank teller

I go to my bank a few times a month to draw money, but I don’t like using the  ATM machines either inside or outside.   My complaint is that the bank teller finds it difficult when I ask that they count out the sum I ask for on THEIR low desk  in front of me – and Not on the counter for everyone to see, and then to put the money in an envelope.   This is a service they should provide to anyone – pensioner or otherwise – if asked.   



Did you buy any discount coupons/cards for any of the supermarkets at the high holidays period? If so, then keep the receipts – plus the slips showing the numbers on the cards you bought.

If a coupon is stolen or lost, you can tell the supermarket where you purchased it.


Fishy tale at the supermarket checkout, but it turned out OK

At the checkout at the new Rami Levi supermarket in Raanana, the first item that went on to my bill was Dag Hanilus, but when I got home and unpacked, it was the one item of shopping I couldn’t find.     

I called the supermarket and was told that anything left at the checkout is noted, including which checkout, and the item is then returned to the shelf.     

When I told them about my missing fish they said it had been found and a note of it been made, and advised that next time I went to shop to show them the receipt to receive the equivalent amount.

I think this is something other supermarkets should take up.     

By the way, they had fresh tnuva chickens at NIS 9.80 a kilo, which helped to fill up my new no-frost freezer! 


When scooter kids shot out of the darkness

I was driving along a well-used road in Herzliya at about 7pm recently. The road has no central division, dim lighting, is under low-hanging trees and with lots of dark areas. I was travelling at less than 40kph when suddenly, two or three meters ahead – and out of the darkness – two boys balancing on a small wooden scooter came towards me.

They were aged about 13 or 14 and were wearing dark t-shirts. I trust they finished their ride safely.

Parents who have children with equipment that can be ridden on any sidewalk or road should seriously teach them the rules and dangers of our roads. Had any car been driving fast on this stretch – and they do – there would have been little time to take evasive action.


‘We’ll get back to you” – Yes, but when exactly?

Lately, there seems to be a change in relationships between buyer and seller. I ring my insurance agent regarding a new item on my policy, or one of the credit card companies re a query on a debit etc. and they tell me via a recording; "we will get back to you". When? During the day? This means at their convenience, not mine. Is it because most of the country is supposed to work only with smart phones and therefore be available 24 hours a day? I have always been under the impression that the sellers need the buyers to pay their salary! So what has changed?  

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Totally Brilliant articles and useful information. Thanks Naomi

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