ONE of the great success stories of Esra is its popular second hand bookshop in Raanana. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Esra Caesarea/Five Towns is opening a second hand bookshop right near the Or Akiva shopping mall. From February people from Five Towns (and beyond) will be welcome to peruse the shelves of the only English second hand bookshop south of Zichron and north of Raanana, and take their pick. The prices will range from NIS 6 - NIS 20 and the full range of Esra publications, including the newest “Meatless Meals”, will be on sale. The two people to thank for this project are Edward Sidi and Issy Myerson. Edward, because it is his idea, and Issy, because he is providing the space. Issy Myerson is a much-loved figure in Or Akiva where he has his home. In this roomy two-storey center Issy and his wife have been providing meals for the needy five times a week. Issy explained, “This particular project has been extremely successful, the meals are donated and it is now run entirely by the families themselves. We also take in and distribute clothes - my wife washes and irons them if necessary. We use the center for a whole range of classes including adult literacy and basic economics, showing people how to budget their income.” As Issy says, “there is something going on all the time. "If any Esra Magazine readers have books to donate, the new bookshop will be very happy to accept them, and Issy will be happy to accept clothes for distribution among the needy of Or Akiva. All income from the sale of books will go to Esra.

The bookshop will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. Look for the last street in the industrial area behind the Or Akiva Shopping Mall (16 Kopelowitz Street). And, it is really worth noting, there is parking right outside.

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