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How can I live in Jerusalem?

Don't get me wrong. I love Jerusalem. I can't live without Jerusalem. I just can't live in it. Today I want to walk down ordinary streets with trees and light - nothing more than 100 years old.

Once I did live there - it was wonderful!

They say there is childhood or a Jerusalem childhood - and THAT'S what my children had! I remember their haircuts for 11 shekels in Ushiskin; the queue round the block at Angel's bakery after Pesach; the mifletzet, the falafel, Ritchie’s Pizza, the snow, the spirit....

Everything! The sukkah that tipped over, our dog Jumpy that came for a night but stayed 15 years, the friends, the enemies.   All good. But enough!

Jerusalem. The city has a million faces. I'm drained with its intensity. Every step takes me to something big when now I just want to be. Quiet.

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