Yisrael Neeman ... expert in the Middle East conflict spoke to ESRA Haifa

Story by Harry Hiller  Photo: Melvyn Salomon

An expert in the Middle East conflict, Jihad and the history of the Jewish people was the guest speaker at ESRA Haifa’s April meeting for members and friends.

Yisrael Neeman is a political analyst and instructor, and lectures at Haifa University.

His talk led us through from the rise of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed in the 7th century to conquest and to Jihad – Holy War, the Ottoman collapse and Western influence.

Neeman then spoke about the development of the Muslim Brotherhood, which led to the Palestinian branch of that movement, and explained about the formation of the Islamic State – ISIS/ISIL.

He was unable to give a very positive future for the resolution of these problems, except that the world is now facing ISIL and is trying to defeat it, and with vague hopes of the destruction of the Jihad movement.

Many questions followed which Yisrael answered in a diplomatic manner.

After the talk, people bought copies of his book, Hamas Jihad, which he signed, and the evening finished with refreshments and socializing.



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