Some of the members of the Tel-Aviv Knitting Crochet Social Circle

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about our knitting and crochet social circle in Ramat Aviv.

We are now seven years old and from the few original members have built a wonderful, warm, intimate and loving group – most of whom cannot wait for each Thursday morning to meet and chat.

For my partner, Noelle Peleg and myself, it’s almost a fulltime job but so gratifying and rewarding. However, we love it because all the members are so loving and interesting, each with something different to offer.

We meet once a week for two hours, to laugh, joke and knit of course. No matter what – during the hot summer months or cold and wet winter months, meetings are never canceled, this is by request of the group. In fact we’ve only had to cancel when a religious holiday has fallen on the actual meeting day.

The past year 2009 has been so enjoyable, with a talk by Daphna Shemesh, who, with her husband, runs two retirement centers – one for elderly folk in Tel Aviv and one for many who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in Hod Hasharon. Daphna arrived with a warm friendly aura and a bag – a special bag – adapted with items for the improvement of the situation of those afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease, to be useful both in private homes by family members and in the retirement homes. First she told us about Alzheimer’s, how help is on hand to relieve patients, and how to use the items in the bag. Unfortunately time ran out; so many questions were asked and answered during the lecture that we weren’t able to become familiar with all the items, The members so enjoyed the talk that they asked her to return and complete the session.

To the retirement centers we were able to give 67 pairs of the Australian patterned bed socks and an order of 18 teddy bears. Evidently the patients find comfort in cuddling soft toys, as they do with the small animals in the zoo which they have on their grounds.

To the other home in Tel Aviv we also gave bed socks, and on request, three knee rugs for those in wheelchairs.

At the end of November 2009, we were able to distribute our heartwarming endeavors to two charitable institutions – 310 sweaters for disadvantaged children.

These children once again had an extremely difficult time choosing a sweater as so many were exquisite.

The same difficulty in making a choice was experienced by the elderly as the 44 beautiful, colorful knee rugs were just as delightful to behold. We already have many items in store for next year’s distribution, prepared from the enormous order of wool that I was able to purchase. Colors are so beautiful that I too have difficulty in choosing.

But it’s worthwhile, as we all enjoy being together to knit and crochet with great pleasure for such a good cause.




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