Kfar Sava
Ricky & Gordon Futeran
Helen & Lionel Koven
Ann & David Silverman
Rita & Prof. Zev Wanderer

On your grandson
Blanche Blumberg on Tomer
Phyllis & Maish Gork, on 2
Ricka & Yoel Rak, on Hillel Malachi
Joan Weisman, on Eyal
Judy & Cyril Fisher
Eileen & Gideon Missulawin
On your granddaughter
Judy & Michael Copeland on Noga
On your great grandson
Inge David, on Oz
Sonia Kacev, on 2
Ruth & Jack Omsky

On your daughters
Doreen & Willie Malkinson

David Eliyahu - 60th
Val Kantor
Lilyrose Michalowsky - 80th
Selwyn Lurie – 90th

On your daughter
Ricka & Yoel Rak on Carmi
Sharon & Harvey Farber on Kim to Yoni

Dennis Moddel & Tina Aviles
On your daughter
Shirley Kessel, on Lauren to Eliran
Dennis Moddel, on Samantha to Mickey
On your son
Riva & Cecil Migdal, on Rael to Shira
On your granddaughter
Fay Silverman
On your brother
Robyn Ginsberg & Gaby Gordon on Justin
Samuels & Tessa Rosenthal

Dov Boston
Leah Esterson
Rolly King Kohansky
Ralph Lanesman
Chana Witler
Anne Zak

On your husband
Rosi Coleman, on Piers
Marilyn Grant, on Murray
Roberta Milgram, on Noach
On your wife
Morris Galgut, on Ruth
Sidney Jawitz, on Paula
On your daughter
Gladys Sevitt, on Sandra
On your father
Shari Mendes, on Martin Greenwald
On your sister
Marvyn & Walter Hatchuel, on
Ethel (Bunny) Stern
Family / Friends of
Rose Jankelow
Babette Kaplan
Maurice Mendelowitz
Else Rothschild Pins
Susie Rose
Fred Worms OBE

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