Bertha Berger | Greece


§ Jerusalem
Pam & Benjy Richman
§ Moshav Dalton
Adina Alexander
§ Rishon Lezion
Janet Kiesar


§ On your granddaughter
Rochelle & David Frankfurter
Melanie & Vernon Katz, on Nicole
Sheila & Shmulik Keshev, on
Millie Wolf, on Lihi

§ On your grandson
Sally & Richard Halon
Pam & Benjy Richman
Rena & Richard Stein, on Idan

§ On your grandsons

Janet & Joe Dushansky
Esther Tolkin

§ On your great granddaughter

Lillian & David Levy, on Nicole

§ On your great grandson
Ralph Brest
Yetta & Ivan Pope


§ On your granddaughter
Fond Dubb


§ On your daughter
Yael Halon to Avi Rudnick


§ On your grandson
Becky Marock on Ryan Rubin to Rebecca Rosenberg


Irene Simpson | 90th
Ruth Sobol | 70th

Barbara Lyons

to the recipients of the 2014 Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize:

§ Community and Non-Profit:
Joseph Gitler (USA, 2000), Founder and Chairman of Leket Israel

§ Education:
Rabbanit Malke Bina (USA, 1971), Founder and Chancellor of Matan

§ Entrepreneurship & Technology:
Yosef Abramowitz (USA, 2006), CEO and Co-Founder of Energiya Global Capital and Co-Founder of the Arava Power Company

§ Science & Medicine: Professor Jefferey Hausdorff (USA, 2000), Tel Aviv University, and Director of the Neurodynamics & Gait
Research Laboratory, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

§ Culture, Sports and Arts:
Yaakov Kirschen (USA, 1972), Creator of “Dry Bones”

§ IDF & National Service Young Leadership: Lt. Nira Lee (USA, 2010), Head of Hasbara at the headquarters of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)

§ Lifetime Achievement:
Professor Shimon Glick (USA, 1974), Dean Emeritus of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University


 § On your husband
Thelma Kersner, on Mike
Judith Natt, on Bernard
Miriam Scher, on Itzik
Valerie Velkes, on Neville

§ On your wife
Walter Hatchuel, on Rica

§ On your mother
Andrea Armist

§ On your father
Bernard Natt

§ On your sister-in-law
Marvyn Hatchuel, on Rica

§ On your brother-in-law
Phyllis Bloch

§ Family / friends of
Gila Berger
Alfred Kahn
Leo Millner
Margaret Penn

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