To the staff at Beth Protea,

We are so very grateful for all the devoted, selfless work that you do at Beth Protea, specifically in the way you looked after both our parents, Jack and Mavis Wolff, during their stay in your lovely home.
All of you at Beth Protea are so special in the kind and caring way in which you deal with the elderly, the constant aging to the finality and eventual passing on. Essentially dealing with the end of life including all that it entails. The passage of life is a part of your job, and you all do it so admirably and with such kindness. It must be so tough at times, yet you bounce right back with an optimistic smile at all times.  Beth Protea was prepared for the very last day recently with our own mother. We were aware that there was some preparation done behind the scenes ahead of our mother's final day, as much to our surprise, you were all ready for us. It really made things so much easier for us - the three brothers. Everyone at Beth Protea was on top of their game, which was of great comfort to us.
Thank you all so much for everything you did. We will always be deeply grateful.

We humbly say "THANKS".
In appreciation
Adrian, Lucien, David Wolff

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