A few years ago the Israeli Miniaturists Club held an exhibition in the Ra'anana Municipal Gallery which proved to be a huge success. Hundreds of people strolled past the display cases marvelling at the extraordinary prowess that had produced the works that were shown – a miniature baby shop, a garden, a flower shop, an English pub, a sitting room – all reproduced in perfect detail in twelfth scale.

Since then there has been a revived interest in miniatures in Israel, with the renovation of the Helena Rubenstein miniature rooms at the Tel Aviv museum and the opening of Moshe Samter's collection of miniature models in Haifa.

The Miniaturists Club disbanded but one of their number, the multi-talented Goldie Hollander, began teaching and has passed the art of miniature making on to many very enthusiastic pupils.

Now she has decided to make miniatures to sell and together with two friends is planning to offer the miniatures at the Kfar Saba Friday morning craft fair, starting just before Pesach, on April 3rd.

These wonderful little boxes make great gifts and will be in a variety of themes. There will be boxes suitable as gifts for men, women and children, miniature flower gardens, vegetable stalls, kitchens and many other themes. Everything is hand-made and you won't find a more original gift anywhere.

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