ESRA – English Speaking Residents Association www.esra.org.il is a dynamic and multifaceted volunteer organization. It is a registered nonprofit association with charity status in Israel and it is independent, apolitical and non-aligned. It is run by a volunteer board of directors.
ESRA aims to ease the absorption of English speakers into Israeli society by providing them with some fifty social, educational and support activities and events. It encourages and creates volunteering opportunities that enable its members to become an integral and actively involved part of their local community, and has some 1000 volunteers.
ESRA, through its Community Fund, operates thirty educational and welfare programs to respond to the needs of disadvantaged families, youth and adults with disabilities, and immigrants from distressed countries.
The organization was founded in 1979 by Merle Guttmann, today its Honorary Life President and Editor of its magazine.
For more on ESRA see the website www.esra.org.il



Baruch Tanaman
Siri Jones-Rosen
Ruth Corman
Merle Guttmann
Carol Novis
David Rhodes
Judy Shapiro
Zipporah Porath
Pnina  Moed Kass
Aryeh A. Frimer
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